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Makabaki and Parshmen


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This post is pretty far out in left field but here it goes:

First of all I suppose I should mention that I am still undecided on whether or not Parshmen are in fact Voidbringers. In any case I found something interesting I thought I would at least mention.

When working chasm duty one day, Kaladin thinks to himself about how the features of the dead Parshendi are somewhat rock or stone like in appearance(This is one reason I think the Parshmen or Parshendi may in fact be Voidbringers but I digress).

Now onto a reason I think could suggest that the Parshmen/Parshendi are not Voidbringers. When conversing about Desolations with Dalinar, Navani mentions the myth of Parasaphi and Nadris. Parasaphi, in order to repopulate her "fallen people" travels to the mountain peaks of Dara (wherever that is... Jah Kaved or something?) to find rocks touched by the Heralds. Then she goes to the deathbed of Nadris, harvests his seed to bring life to the rocks, which eventually hatch ten children, which she used to found the nation of Marnah. I think they mentioned the story or book was called Origin of the Makabaki.

So could it be that the stone-like featured Parshendi or Parshmen are in fact the descendents of these stone-born children? It is easy to see that Parshendi and Parasaphi are similar but only somewhat, but just look how the names of the Heralds have changed over time.

Yeah I know it's kind of a stretch.

On a related but even further streched note, if the Parshfolk are in fact Voidbringers, perhaps the story could be some sort of bastardization of the origin of the Voidbringers. Aren't there supposed to be ten orders of them as well? It could correspond to the ten children. It could also explain the differences in them as they are from different orders of Voidbringers.

Edit: After looking at the back flap page with what I assume to be the orders of the Voidbringers, I noticed the lady at the edges. Do we know anything about her? Could she be the mother (Parasaphi?) of the Voidbringers? She does have her safe hand covered so maybe a follower of Vorinism and she is blonde so probably not Alethi? I dunno. Sadeas' wife, who dyes her hair to make it black? Oh man that would be hilarious! LoL

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Hmm. You might be on too something big. Nadris is dead after the Desolation so he may be one of the Ten Fools. Using his seed to bring life in Herald touched rocks could involve use of Dawnshards in order to Bind the Voidish magic with Herald magic. Herald Touched Stone could be necessary in the manufacturing of Parshendi so they can't be reclaimed by Odium.

Maybe I'm generating ideas based off of nothing. Regardless, I love your theory.

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I apologize about the necro on this thread - however I found it while searching up this very question on google.  I'm currently listening to Words of Radiance for like the 7th time and I keep hearing similarities between the Makabaki and the Parshendi.


The Makabaki that we know can always see spren, and call them gods (Rock).  So do the Parshendi.  The parshendi have black and red skin, the makabaki have black skin.  They both have red hair (there's a description of someone in Nimble form where they point this out).

This has further implications since people from Jah Kaved are supposedly related to the Makabaki people.  I do think the Parshendi and the Makabaki are related.

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Rock isn't Makabaki. Not even close.

As for the Unkalaki, I thought it was established by WoB that they and Herdazians are Listener-human hybrids?

Rock indeed hasn't black skin (but In the whole books I thought him as black o.o ) and the same thing is true for all the Horneater.


To extension, also the Jah Keved ethinc are a bit linked to the Listener (I never considereted this)

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