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What Cosmere books have you read?


Where in the Cosmere have you been?  

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  1. 1. Cosmere stories you have read.

    • Elantris
    • The Emperor's Soul
    • The Final Empire
    • Well of Ascension
    • Hero Of Ages
    • Warbreaker
    • The Eleventh Metal
    • Hope of Elantris
    • The Alloy of Law
    • Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell
    • Sixth of the Dusk
    • The Way of Kings
    • Words of Radiance
    • Allomancer Jak and the Pits of Eltania
    • White Sand (unpublished)
    • The Aether of Night (unpublished)

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So yeah was really interested in seeing what stories people have read and what not.
If I've missed any or spelt names wrong and the like please tell me haha.
Maybe in the thread talk about what book you want to read next and the like.


Also maybe say what one you read most recently.
For me it probably would be Sixth of the Dusk. 

Also what were favourite and least favourite stories?

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everything but Jak and the unpublished works though i plan on reading the stories that are from Jak soon, if only to read his terrisman's annotations. 


My most recent was Sixth of the Dusk.


Haven't gotten to the Allomancer Jak stories because I haven't gotten around to buying the Mistborn Adventure Game yet. I haven't read White Sand or Aether because I haven't got the courage to mail Mr. Sanderson so I could get them.

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Add me to the ranks of those who have yet to read Allomancer Jak. I also haven't read Aether or Shadows for Silence. I'm saving those for a time when I really need a Sanderson fix.


The most recent thing I read was Sixth of Dusk, which I really enjoyed.

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