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Gotta start somewhere


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Ok, introduction thread I guess.  First post has to be somewhere, and it may as well be here.


I go by dunkum (for convoluted, boring reasons having to do with other websites and the civil war).


I got into Sanderson after learning that he was comleting the Wheel of Time series: dropped a Barnes and Noble gift card on the mistborn books and moved from there.  I've read all the published Cosmere works except Sixth of the Dusk (I think), several of them at least twice.  I haven't read any of the non-cosmere stuff (other than the wheel of time books), and probably wont read most of them, since the depth and size of the Cosmere is a large part of what draws me to those books.


I've been lurking around a little bit on the wiki, doing research on these books instead of more productive things, and finally decided I may as well join the forum.

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