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Kaladin's markings


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No idea what it looks like exactly, but we know it's a glyph. And you can find examples for glyphs here: tWoK_ENDSHEET-FRONT-1-webres.jpg

I suppose you know that already but still. The sixth bigger glyph, representing Shalash or her order could resemble the 'shash'-glyph.

Then, Kaladin has two other glyphs on his front, that actually mark him as a slave. IIRC they are the glyphs meaning Sadeas (or maybe Amaram or however that lighteye who took Kaladins Shardblade is named)

And you can find the Sadeas-glyph on the map depicturing the warcamps or on the map depicturing the battle at the Tower. Of course there should be the same glyph for Sadeas/Dalinar on both of them but I never managed to find the corresponding ones.

Which is probably because glyphs can be altered in any way to resemble whatever they are supposed to mean.

I would suppose that a simple glyph to mark a slave wouldn't be as elaborate as the same glyph meaning the actual Highprince.

Finally, about the position of the glyphs, I don't know much about them, suppose they are in the middle of the forehead. I just seem to recall that they could be hidden by somewhat longer hair.

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