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Risk: Cosmere


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This is an awesome idea, Newan. I am a Risk addict; I am well versed in the intricacies of the game. As a person who is familiar with the ins and outs of several different game types, this is well thought out. We just need a Canon map of the Cosmere and an artist. The Mistborn Dice should be the ones used for gameplay.

The only problem I see is that it's a niche market. No one really gets the Cosmere unless they study it out or visit this forum.

Well done!

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This is amazing. I want this so badly now! 


What if the game centered around Heroes that you controlled that had the Investitures. These Heroes would then move with armies (or maybe by themselves) and grant the abilities above. 


Hoid could show up occasionally and just mess everything up. Like randomize the armies of each player or something like that. 


Shardbearers could add +1 to your highest roll or something like that. I think it makes more sense, considering that if you are a Shardbearer and you are defeating, you are usually killed. (Besides duels and the such)

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I'm not sure if this thread is doomed to obscurity already, but I made this:


Stormlight Archives Risk


For the record, I would not be suing Brandon Sanderson if this became a thing.  :ph34r:


Note: I think I just definitively proved the Four Color Map Theorum

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So someone else actually saw this? Sweet! It was all worth it.


Of course, there's one person who I think really needs to be aware of it (I know you're there, Peter) 


That's really cool. :) You know, shooting him a PM with this and just asking what he thinks isnt a bad idea.

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I would have done what you suggested, but sadly, we don't know enough about the perpendicularities to really make a map right now.


EDIT: Here are some ideas for additional rules, as well:


 -Siege: If a territory is not adjacent to another territory possessed by the player in question, they cannot reinforce it by more than 1 troop during that turn (ie. in order to put two or more reinforcements on a space, it's got to have a territory you possess connected to it). This should prevent players from abusing territories like North Aimia, Shattered Plains, and New Natanatan.


 -Shards: Every player starts with a set of Shards. These shards don't count as soldiers, but the Shard tokens give the soldiers in that space extra abilities. Shards are captured if a battle that they participate in is lost. Retreating counts as a loss, and Shards will be left behind with the defending army.


Shard Movement: Shards can move two times each turn. Each move allows them to go through one territory. Using a Shard in an attack counts as a move.


Shard Effects:


   -Shardblade Offensive: One Shardblade will make ties go in the attacker's favor. Two or more Shardblades will, in addition, cause the defender to lose 3 soldiers instead of 2 if the defender is beaten with both dice.

   -Shardblade Defensive: One Shardblade will add 1 to each die. Two or more Shardblades will, in addition, cause the attacker to lose 3 soldiers instead of 2 if the attacker is beaten with both dice.

   -Shardplate Offensive and Defensive: One set of Shardplate will prevent the attacker from losing more than one soldier each round of combat (ie. if the Enemy Player beats the Shardplater with both dice, the Shardplater will lose one soldier rather than two.) Each set of Shardplate negates the influence of one enemy Shardblade on the battle.

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So i totally stumbled upon this thread a couple days ago and i really like the idea a lot! I kinda consider myself an Entrepreneur and i think this would be a really cool idea to put on the market. I really like all your guys ideas and i don't want you to feel like i'm stealing them from you or anything so if i do decide to go thru with this, would you be ok if i used some of your ideas?

Also i had some ideas myself, for the sake of personal record keeping and the sheer fact that i'm forgetful i made a Google Doc for it, you can find the link here

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