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THe new metal art of ruin


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Originally using allomancers and their blood to create steel inquistors and others, created the creatures who can be influenced by ruin. Now, eating the ruin metal form you gain the power of ruin without having to get spikes.

So the koloss can propergate similar to mistings, due to this. I wonder if the kandra or steel inquisitor propergated.

Also if it is possible to force ruin arts on someone, can preservation arts be forced on a person, a ferochemical version of steel inquisitors.

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Your post is slightly difficult to understand, but I'll try to give you an answer.

The Kandra propegated through new spikes, that gave sentience to mist creatures, creating new Kandra. These spikes were provided by TLR, and as such was a form of propegation.

The Inquisitors wouldn't "propegate" so much as create new ones. The new ones were created by spiking mistings or mistborn. I'm uncertain if the spikes could be "reused" to create a new inquisitor, but I don't know for certain.

As to your last question, I believe you misunderstand how Feruchemy works. Both Allomancy and Feruchemy can be given to a person via Hemalurgy. Hemalurgy is of Ruin so maybe this is what you meant.

In HoA Marsh taps speed, a Feruchemy ability, implying that he had been given that power of Feruchemy through Hemalurgy.

Hope this helps!

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I'm afraid I'm not following at all. By "ruin god metal" do you mean atium? Atium will not grant magic to someone. Hemalurgy and Allomancy are vastly different systems. Brandon actually structured Hemalurgy to steal other powers so he wouldn't have to introduce even more powers to Scadrial, he believed it would be too confusing. So he's not going to build yet another system into that world, or alter Hemalurgy to grant unique powers (beyond the Human attributes of course). Atium doesn't bestow the ability to use a magic system on a person. Atium and lerasium don't have to both give people powers. Atium does have a "side affect" but Brandon RAFO'd it.

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Actually, Atium was well known from the first book and it does not grant you the powers of Ruin. Atium grants an Allomancer the ability to see into the near future for a short time, it allows a Feruchemist to store Age (becoming older themselves while storing, and younger when tapping), and it allows Hemalurgy to steal Allomantic temporal powers.

Atium is the metal form of the body of Ruin. Allomancy is Preservation's Art and Rashek condensed the body of Preservation into the metal Lerasium, which he and his fellows ingested to become Mistborn. Hemalurgy is different to Preservation's power in that it steals powers - power is destroyed in the process.

Feruchemy is a balance of the two which only Terrismen are known to possess.

So to sum up: Allomancy is the Art of Preservation.

Feruchemy is the Art of Harmony, and is possible because of the presence of both Preservation and Ruin on Scadrial.

Hemalurgy is the Art of Ruin.

There is no "Harmony" metal in Mistborn.

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