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Banned and Restricted Powers List


I want to keep this short, because I don't want to limit anyone's creativity, but there are some powers that won't work, no longer work, or have never worked in-game. I'll add the reason next to each power. While some of these powers can be acceptable with massive limitations, others are non-negotiable. Please don't try to sneak them in. They're restricted for a reason. 


Teleportation: Even though you'll see this power on a lot of characters who've been around since the beginning and shortly after, it's no longer allowed. According to a WoB, teleporters are supposed to be rare in-universe….and we've made teleportation one of the most common powers in Oregon. Oops. So, no more teleporters, guys. 


Precognition: Heavily restricted. This game is basically discovery writing on steroids: Very few posts are planned ahead of time, and even then the writers must be prepared to edit and adjust as need be. Most of us have no idea what's going to happen three posts from now. In light of this, precognition is nigh-impossible to implement. Danger sense is allowed, but this must be very limited. Think Spiderman's Spidey-Sense. Nothing more powerful than that. 


Assumers and Cancelers: Epics who steal and/or negate the powers of other Epics are not allowed. If one Epic has the power to cancel out another Epic's powers, they could walk into a city, kill all the Epics there, and leave without a scratch. In other words, they'd be too OP. Taking another Epic's powers for a short time (and leaving the other Epic powerless) falls into the same category. Mimicking other Epics' powers, with proper limits, is allowed. 


Multiple Prime Invincibilities (PIs): In canon, Prof is the only Epic to have more than one PI. In-game, an Epic with multiple PIs would be too OP. (Heck, Prof is pretty OP on his own.) So if your character has two or more PIs, pick the one you like the most and scrap the rest. 


Time Travel: There is one time traveler Epic currently active, and he is extremely limited, capable of traveling only five minutes forward in time. His limit was expanded with the aid of a meta-Epic capable of temporarily enhancing powers, but this was only to create a stable time loop on his own timeline. If you want to play a time traveler, use these limits as a guide. Any Epic capable of going backward in time and changing events within the game is prohibited. 


Mass Cloning: Mitosis is the only canon Epic known to be capable of cloning himself en masse, with no copy being prime. More limited cloners are allowed. 

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Thank you to Cognizantastic for this awesome guide! 



Hello, newcomers to the fun-filled and mildly mad Reckoners RPG! You've likely come here with the intent of creating your own totally radical Epic character. This is, of course, the most obvious way to participate in the Oregonverse. However, there are alternatives to this— alternatives that can be just as rewarding as creating one's own Epic character.    ;)



The first alternative is adoption. Throughout the course of the RP, some players have come and gone, leaving abandoned characters and plotlines in their wake. By picking up where their former writers left off, you make a massive contribution to the RP by breathing new life into dead Epics, reweaving loose plot threads, and keeping WHiO as close to canon as possible. However, adoption doesn't just help the RP as a whole; it can be a boon to you. The characters left behind are hardly dull, and adopting Epics such as them would likely be a fun endeavor. Your options include:

  • Event Horizon, the black hole slinging servant of the crime lord Quicksilver
  • Blackwave and the Tidebreaker's mighty crew, terrors of the Oregonian seas

…and many more! However, if you're dead set on making your own character, an Epic isn't the only option. The humans of the Oregonverse live interesting lives— lives that are certainly worth writing about. Your character could be:

  • a citizen of Thoughttown, the "utopia" for the intelligent ruled over by the illusory Epic Altermind
  • a vendor selling snacks to Epic gladiators before they enter Soulcaster's arena
  • a homeless man on the streets of Portland, trying to scrape out a living in a city defined by endless turf wars
  • a disgruntled servant of a pampered Corvallis Epic, motivated to kill her master due to Euphoria's absence
  • a gun-toting, panda-shooting, grenade-slinging soldier of the Dalles City Guard

…or whatever the sparks you want! The point is, there are other awesome ways to participate in this awesome collaborative storytelling experience. Before you race to the latest Question thread, dead-set on incorporating your new Epic into a game thread, go ahead and  consider your other options. They're just as fun.   :D

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