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Our Vocab English Assignment (I promise you, it's better than it sounds)


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So, that's the WIP title for a story my friends and I are creating (the title is mostly just for kicks and giggles, it is definitely not an anthology ;) ). Our English 11 teacher gave us an assignment to use vocab words in a story, and so we decided to take the story above and beyond the assignment.

We're writing a novel.

Well, a novel-ish-thing.

I believe it is best explained if you just read: (I'll release it chapter by chapter, just to a) torture you, and 2) so you'll get it like everyone else at school, and III) we're only on chapter four :P )


EDIT: Oh yeah, TheSilverDragon wrote one of the parts as well. 

Chapter 1 Part 1: Picarthus
Chapter 1 Part 2: Lord Nyro
Chapter 1 Part 3: Corlezt

Chapter 2 Part 1: Corlezt

Chapter 2 Part 2: Thraim

Chapter 2 Part 3: Picarthus

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