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#RPGNet interview with Alex Flagg (from Crafty Games)


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So this is actually a thing that happened two weeks ago, and I'm just now getting around to posting it...  Sorry!


So on October 30 Alex Flagg from Crafty Games, the people who make the MAG, did a chat interview in the #rpgnet room over on tinychat.  A transcript can be found here.


Nothing super revelatory.  Supplements for the skaa and the Nobles are both in the works.  Alex would like to do a supplement based on the kandra but really wants his team to be prepared for doing it.


Also Realmatics has a minor influence on things in that the Attributes and Standings both consist of a Physical, Cognitive, and Spiritual trait.  (which might have been noticed before, but it was the first I'd heard about it)

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