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Hello, hello, hello!

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I've been lurking here for some time, but finally decided to join the forums. I can't say how often I'll be posting, but I'll make the effort.

I first discovered Brandon Sanderson when it was announced that he would be continuing and finishing the Wheel of Time series. I wanted to see what he original work was like, so I set out to read Elantris. Sure enough, I was hooked and devoured every book from him I could. What I most love about his work is his creativity, though just about everything is wonderful.

Just as something neat that is Sanderson-related, here is an article I wrote for the video game website RPGamer.com, where I am currently a staff member. This was for a special feature on books that the staff would love to see made into RPGs. I wrote one for the Alcatraz series, so perhaps you may find it interesting. :)

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