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Floorboard 17 discussion (spoilers I guess)


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Ok, so I made an account just to go over this. In my heart of hearts I feel like there's something more to the floorboard 17 epigraphs of the diagram.


Chapter 78 epigraph: every second letter starting with the first

“Ah ​but ​they ​were ​left ​behind. ​It ​is ​obvious ​from ​the n​ature ​of ​the ​bond. ​But ​where ​where ​where ​where? ​Set off. ​Obvious. ​Realization​ like apricity​. They​ are ​with ​the ​Shin. ​We ​must ​find ​one. ​Can ​we ​make ​to ​use ​a ​Truthless? ​Can ​we ​craft​ a ​weapon?”


Chapter 89 epigraph: every second letter starting with the second

"There ​has ​to ​be ​an ​answer​. What​ is ​the ​answer? ​Stop. ​The ​Parshendi​. One​ of ​them. ​Yes ​they ​are ​the ​missing​ piece. ​Push ​for ​the ​Alethi ​to ​destroy ​them ​outright ​before ​this ​one ​obtains ​their ​power. ​It ​will ​form ​a bridge"


This came from the same paragraph (Paragraph 2, floorboard 17) Which originally looked like this: 



I feel like there is more here than what is obvious, yes it splitting into two sentences was just handed to us and I expect more. Something I have to work for.

The problem here is that the first sentence is longer than the second sentence by 18 letters, (sCanwecraftaweapon). I could concede that the s is a part of the main paragraph, leaving 'Canwecraftaweapon' as an oddity.

My first instinct was to remove the H's in the paragraph, because it was stated that H is a letter used to make names mirrored but still pronounceable and then stitch the sentences back together, The problem is that there are more H's in the second sentence than the first, so it would make the disparity even larger. Ok, so what if the H's represent spaces, and then try to solve it like it's a cryptogram. What if the double letters (which there are a lot of) are also something funky, Mr. T said that he had to invent his own language (presumably script) to be able to write this down, what if he didn't (being a male) understand the concept of double letters and we are receiving some shitty transcribed easy-to-read version of the original paragraph.

Second instinct is that Canwecraftaweapon was a passphrase or some flavor of code used to decrypt the sentence. Maybe if I start with the first letter and go every 3. Does Canwecraftaweapon belong in the encrypted message.

What are the significance of the capital letters.


Apricity means "The Warmth of the Sun" which is 18 letters long and is in the first sentence, but it would replace Apricity, and so not fully make the sentences even. This is the point where I've ran out of straws to grasp at and am just make things up... At 5 in the morning, with love - Maxell

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Peter gave a clarification about these epigraphs a while ago over in this thread:

There's nothing to decipher here. In the original Diagram these two texts were interleaved. They've alreadybeen separated out so we can read them.
If you're wondering if Brandon will put more codes or otherwise hidden things in future books, the likelihood of that is very high.

It is odd that the two are not the same length. I think I'd chalk it up to the Alethi words not being the same length as the English ones, perhaps. (Or Brandon writing the two separately with more thought for what they said than for whether they fit together perfectly.)

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