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Words in Steel


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Last fall, I composed a piece for solo percussionist on vibraphone and orchestral bells, and entitled it Words in Steel, after the quote in WoA, "I write these words in steel, for anything not set in metal cannot be trusted." A student percussionist (not me) performed it this spring, and I've now posted a recording:

Although it is intended to make sense without knowing the book or series at all, I did have a connection to the plot in mind. I recommend listening to it first, then reading the extra spoilered text.

(WoA spoilers)

At 4.12 and 4.22: "The two are not the same." The chiming chords from the beginning are heard at decreasing time intervals throughout. At first, the changes may be imperceptible; there's enough time gap between them, and the notes are close (as in Ruin's more subtle alterations). As time goes on, they are modified more, until, at 4.22, the first form returns, immediately following the most distant transformation, making clear how much it has changed (parallel to Sazed comparing his notes to the original plate from which he made the rubbing).

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