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Nail Polish (Not Mine)

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I did (an admittedly) quick search and didn't see anything about this, so wanted to share my fandom-esque find. 

Pinnacle Polish, an indy nail polish company, has a small series of polishes inspired by Brandon's works. The Iridescent Tomes collection and a set of three glitter toppers (a black one called "Ruin", a white one called "Preservation", and a mix of the two called "Harmony."). 

In case there are any other nail polish and Sanderson enthusiasts out there, I wanted to share. Go check them out AND support a small business. 

I might or might not (read: definitely do) have the glitter toppers on right now in a manicure I'm calling "discord" just for my own entertainment. 

I am not Pinnacle Polish nor in any way affiliated, but figured this counts as a fan work. 

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