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After roughly 130 pages of Eon, I have a few observations.

1. The setting is fairly well established.

2. Even if you did not know the author, you could tell she is female just because the lead character has spent most of the book so far complaining about PMS cramps. I cannot fathom any male writer carrying on about that subject for that long.

3. The idea of a shemale character who is crippled has all kinds of potential. By shemale, I mean a female pretending to be male, like Yentl.

4. The story is engrossing, but so far it has not been something I would not put aside to read something else. Actually, I am considering that now. Afterall, it HAS been a while since I read TWOK.

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Ok, I did manage to finish it after bailing for another book for a few days.

She does stop complaning about the female trouble around page 130. Oddly, that is precisely where I had broken off my reading.

The story is fairly engaging and well-written, but the author seems to fall into the same trap that most of the women writers I have tried fall into. I may just have hit a bad batch, but almost every one so far seems to think that they must include at least one rape or attempted rape scene in their book. Even the best book can be ruined by such stuff.

Will I eventually read the second book in the series? Probably, but it will definately be a while unless I can find it on sale or I have run out of everything else to read.

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Started reading this yesterday. Having cripple heroine in a world like that is awesome but I hate her personality :| Shouldn't she be a little bit harder after living like that? She feels too ordinary even though she has extraordinary backstory... I'm 25% in so it may turn out well but at this point I'm really disappointed...

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Eona is still a person motivated by emotion. Having an "extraordinary" background doesn't instantly make one "harder." People react differently to given stimuli. Some are traumatised by it, some overcome it, and some aren't affected by one event at all that others are. Humans are diverse like that.

Which is why I like Eona.

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