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I am back, and I come with a different name, clean slate, other things.... etc.... :D. There was a slight problem with the Returning, though. I still have many of the memories that I acquired in my past life, which makes of thing abundantly clear. I KNOW WHO I WAS.


I figure that I might as well let y'all in on the secret. In my past life I was known as Lantern13.

http://www.17thshard.com/forum/user/1584-lantern13/ (trying to insert that as a link from Lantern13 wasn't working...)



(I guess on the technical side of the equation, this site half-deleted the account some time during the two years of it not being used. The profile is still there by searching for it in the search, but when trying to recover a forgotten password I get told that that member account doesn't exist. Which means I died but the memory remained. Which means to come back I have to be Returned :D).



I believe that I've read all the books that came out since I left, and the books were all wonderful. Of all those books, I came out from reading The Emperors Soul with the most awe. I thought it was masterful the way I was kept riveted to the book with the scene hardly changing throughout the whole.



Edit: I've been fixed, Now I'm still my new person, but I'm also who I was.

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