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I can't praise Brandon Sanderson enough


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The Way of Kings had me completely riveted in a way that was unlike any book I've read in recent memory and when I finished it, there was no question in my mind that it was one of my favorite books of all time.  Likewise, Kaladin's character in that book is among my favorites in all of fiction -- not just fantasy.  I was a little concerned with how Sanderson could possibly follow up a book that, in my opinion, crossed the borders of perfection and made a permanent warcamp there, so when I first started reading Words of Radiance I felt a little let down.  To qualify that though, I came into it with Olympian expectations and read it immediately after finishing WoK so that I was essentially (and unfairly) comparing the climax of one with the start of another.  By the time I was done with WoR, however, I considered it almost as good as the first one.  The last 100 pages or so were outstanding, epic, riveting, [insert litany of superlatives here].  I now have a new favorite author. 


I won't make this terribly long for the tl;dr crowd, and in an attempt to avoid any spoilers for those who might come across it, but I did want to add that Sanderson does a fantastic job with his characters.  Based on some of the comments I've come across, I might even be one of the few that really likes Szeth.  I loved his chapters in the first book and could hardly wait to get to them.  One character I wanted to give a little love to as I close this out is Syl.  Stormfather, is she is absolutely freaking adorable!  I can't remember ever adoring a character to this extent and I have a big, goofy, child-like grin on my face right now just thinking about her.  


Well done, Mr. Sanderson.  Well done. 







Now hurry up and write the next book.  ;)

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Fun fact, from the start page I could only read "I can´t praise Brandon Sanderson" and knew instantly that the word enough would follow. :P

That´s how good he is.


Unintentional click bait, folks.  You can put the torches and pitch forks down. :P  

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DAXOS!!!!!!! Im so sorry man i went to give you a vote up but i accidentally voted down!!

Please give him more votes guys!!


Uggghhhh one of those days!!!



If it's any constellation i just got chewed out by my boss...LOL

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