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Crystin Radiant

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Hello everyone!

I finally joined after lurking around the site for a while...

Um... Show did I come across 17th Shard, and everything wonderful? That is actually a funny story ( in my opinion,at least.)

Five years ago, my mother brought home an audio book titled 'Alcatraz versus the Evil Librarians' (I was in fifth grade at the time, I'm now a sophomore in high school) I didn't read this book, my brother did. I refused to read it because the title kind of threw me off. My aunt and cousin started a book club, and my brother got to pick the first book. He chose Alcatraz versus the Evil Librarians. My aunt bought us each a choppy of the book, and for the first three weeks, (ok, maybe it wasn't three weeks, but for a while, anyway,) I absolutely refused to read it, and I even said I would burn the book when I was done. Long story short, I still have this book, though it is now very worn because of all the use it has seen. Shortly thereafter, I bought the books two and three, and bought my brother book four for Christmas the year it came out.

Last April, (I think it was April, though it could have been May, we were at a Barnes and Noble, and I was lurking in the fantasy/ sci Fi section when I saw this book Mistborn. I figured I should read more of Brandon's books, and so I bought the boxed set of the mistborn series. (I have no regrets.)

I actually found out about the cosmere through tumblr, and have since then read Elantris,Warbreaker, Way of Kings, and Words of Radiance. (I keep telling my brother he should read them, but he refuses to until Alcatraz five is released)

Sorry, this is a bit long. Anyway, hello!

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