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Spiking a Threnodian for funky immortality


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A bit ago I thought about Hemalurgy a bit, realizing that while it's quite scary in theory, most magic systems have some kind of built in limit. Physical space for Selish Arts, Bonds for Aviars and Spren, etc. But one of the few "magic systems" that seem to have little limits like that is: Shades.

Now, it seems thematically fitting that two of the most gruesome magical parts of the Cosmere seem to be able to work together. Work together how, you say? Well, here's the thought I want to put out there:

I theorize that you could become functionally immortal using some combination of Hemalurgy and Threnodian Shade mechanics.

I don't fully know how it would work, but:

- becoming a Cognitive Shadow is the "easiest" way to become kind of immortal, atleast by age.

- The one Shade in Silence's Basement is a special case, different from the ones in the forest somehow atleast. Plus, Nazh mentions that becoming a shade does or atleast can involve rites and rituals. We have also seen the shades on Canticle, so there seems to be more sentience and such possible for a Shade than the ones in the Forests of Hell exhibit.

- Threnodians seem to have the "ability" to turn into invested things after death. Shades on Threnody, Sunhearts on Canticle. This is what you could spike off them.


I'm not sure what the smartest order of operations would be, but I think there is definitely the possibility out there for some mad person to do one of or a combination of these things:

- Make a spike from yourself, one that can work as a blessing. Die to a Shade's touch. Have someone spike the Shade you turn into.

- Spike a Threnodian to earn the ability to become a Shade after death. Do some stuff like putting your memories into a breath and storing that, die and become a Shade, get the breath given to you.

And become an ageless Shadow Monster with more awareness and memories.

I'm sure we'll learn more about the interaction between these magic systems because the Night Brigade canonically uses both. I would be interested to hear what you all think the best ways could be to become a sentient Shade.


I think the idea of Breath being involved has a lot of merit, personally. We saw from Hoid that you can store Investiture in breaths and not just in copper, and Ruin and others talk about Cognitive Shadow Kelsier as being not Kelsier, but his Memory and memories hanging around. The Admiral can somehow command Shades around. We've seen two similar things:  Susebron wordlessly awakening and giving commands, and the Cinder King commanding the Charred.

I would not be confused if Night Brigade soldiers get invested with some mix of Ambitions Investiture, a command, Hemalurgic spiking and whatever else that makes sure they hang around as Shades that listen to commands from the Admiral.


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On 1/31/2024 at 9:01 AM, Benkinsky said:

The Admiral can somehow command Shades around. We've seen two similar things:  Susebron wordlessly awakening and giving commands, and the Cinder King commanding the Charred.

Also, Mistborn commanding Koloss around. Thats the one example of this mechanic we have from a perspective charactor.

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Not to be pedantic, but I believe Threnodite is the correct term ;)

Fascinating theory though, somehow Threnodite souls seem more heavily invested than most in the Cosmere, and I suspect it has to do with their ability to draw investiture from others. That may manifest in more 3ays than we currently understand. 



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