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Being an Undertale fan does things to you. One of those things being the compulsive urge to turn other things you love into AUs.

I started thinking about how an Undertale AU using SA characters would work, but I don't really have a story. I wanted to use radiants as the main characters, but I don't have a way to properly merge the stories like this.

For casting I have:

Frisk - Rlain

Chara - Venli

Toriel - Navani

Sans - Kaladin

Papyrus - Syl

Alphys - Shallan

Asgore - Dalinar

You'll notice that I don't have a full cast of characters. I don't really intend to finish the cast but I still wanted to share the idea since I think it's still an interesting crossover at the very least. The main thing selling this idea to me is Kaladin as sans if I'm being honest. The image of Kaladin in a hoodie with one glowing eye, wielding Sky as a deadeye because of your actions; it's just really cool. I don't know if I'm going to take this anywhere, but again I just wanted to share my brain rot of an idea.

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