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So I am furious with Bethesda, the makers of Skyrim. I had an issue with the game and so I sent them this message:

I had previously cleared Lost Knife Cave and Hideout Aela the Huntress sends me there to fight some silver hand but whenever I enter the Hideout from the Cave it freezes up If I revert to a previous save and ask Aela again she will always send me to Lost Knife Hideout If I revert to a previous save and try to enter the Lost Knife Hideout while not on the quest it loads just fine Thank you for your time

And this is what they sent me:


Please revert to a previous save and reattempt the quest.

Best regards,

Justin I.

Did they even read the e-mail? You think that if they're asking someone to plop down 60 bucks for the game they could attempt to give me a relevant solution, rather then suggesting one I'd already tried. Does anyone here have any advice for how I'd go about solving this problem? I have it on the Xbox 360 by the way.

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