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Hello! I'm Matsu.


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My online name is MatsuNoKi but you may call me Matsu. I have been a fan of Sanderson's work for a long time and have had some interesting theories for the lore of the Cosmere, but that is not why I'm here. I came to this website to write my little pieces. not really any stories, but more like a day in the life of a random Cosmere person. no one important, but someone like a fabrial scientist or someone at the Academy on Scadrial. Nothing too large or adventurous, just what I think would be going on in the minds of the people of the Cosmere. (My first will be an academic on Scadrial speaking of how the metallic symbols need to be redesigned, similar to how people talk about how we should rewrite the alphabet. do I believe the symbols need a redesign? no! But I think this would be fun to write.)

I hope some will enjoy my work even if it will be quite small and rarely updated.

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