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Hurry up and Start the Stones Un-Hallowed Forum


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I know we still have 18 months--2 years before Book 3 of Stormlight Archive Stones Un-Hallowed is released but can't we go ahead and start the Forum. I would really like to start posting my theories(or simply start reading theories there)in that forum and not in the WoR forum. I'm sure many think it may be a bit premature but I would have to disagree. With both WoK and WoR there is now more than enough info out to start the official forum for Book 3.

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We've got that really early Kal one. The Jasnah one isn't even from book three. I don't think there's a need for a Book Three subforum really. We're looking at a spring 2016 release at this point. Honestly, it seems early. I think if you just put *Book Three Spoilers* in the topic, it should be fine.

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