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Adonalsium shattered itself(a slightly cremmy theory)


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My general idea came from the fact that the only known dawnshard intent at this point is change, and i thought, how could this be used to defeat a litteral god? And i cam to the conclusion that the only way to defeat a (currently believed to be) omnipresent and omnipotent god is to have it defeat itself.


It’s been very clearly documented that an underlying theme in many of brandon’s books is mental health, especially within the stormlight archive. And so I thought that maybe Adonalsium wasn’t directly killed by an outside force, but wrather simply driven to shatter itself.


The other main part of my theory is how since adonalsium was all investiture, it is likely that no invested art could be used to kill it.


So, what i think might have happened is that the original group who wished to shatter adonalsium simply made it shatter itself, using the dawnshards to alter adonalsium in such a way as to drive it to a sort of suicide.

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