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Way of kings, question about the book 2.


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When I am reading the words of radiance, I think some of the stories are skipped, and I really thought it was intentional. But now I'm convinced that the book(WOK) I bought is not completed, I managed to confirm it by reading the cover, it says part 1. *Facepalm*

So, is it okay to skip the 2nd book? Is it better than the 1st part? If not then I think I'll just go w/ the well of ascension.

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According to some other Sharders, it seems that some areas sell The Way of Kings in two separate parts, for some reason. It really is a great series if you can get the whole thing, even if I would still prefer it if people read all of Mistborn and Warbreaker first to make Word of Radiance make more sense :/ It's not okay to skip the last half of the Way of Kings any more than it is to skip Words of Radiance, as it'll just screw up your chronology and leave out very important things. What you do is your call, but don't try skipping sections of things.

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