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So I was working on the Coppermind today, and I had an idea that I think is pretty good, but I'd like to see what everyone else thinks. I love the idea of a wiki, but the more I look, the more I realize how much work needs to be done on it. Then I remembered the other giveaways 17th Shard has done, and I had an epiphany (I hope). What if the next time 17th Shard had a stuff to giveaway like the Inquisitor Santa stuff, you could get your name in the drawing for prizes by writing articles or improving the Coppermind? It seems to me that it would be a great way to get work done, and make people happy. I have three ideas for how this could be done.

One idea is a straight up contest, the more articles you work on, the more times your name gets in the drawing for prizes. We could pin a topic in this thread, and people could post links to the pages, they've edited. Or alternatively people could sign up for articles, and then post when they've completed their work on it. Then admins could go check out the articles, and make sure that they've been done well, with sources cited and et cetera. The problem with this is that it wouldn't attract as many newcomers to the site, which appears to have been the goal of the other giveaways.

There's another way to do this that could solve that problem though. People could comment on the opening post to get their name in the drawing once, just like before. But if people wanted to get their names in more then once they could start working on Coppermind articles, using one of the methods described above. A problem with this is that writing a couple of articles wouldn't really increase anyone's chances of winning the prizes too much, if turnout for the last couple drawings is anything to judge by.

My last idea is that it would be just like giveaways before, except writing articles could bump you up to higher level prizes. If you write more articles you would be eligible to win better prizes, with higher chances of winning them, because fewer people would make it into higher levels. The problems with this is that it might feel kind of exclusive, also this might require a significant number of prizes because of the multiple levels, which cost money, so this might not work great.

What does everyone think? It seemed like a pretty good idea to me, but since its my idea I'm not exactly objective. It would probably take a lot of work to set up and run as well, but if it works out, it would be great for the Coppermind. I hope it doesn't sound like I'm being commanding or anything, I just wanted to bounce some ideas off of people to try to get the wiki really going.

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Hey there Windrunner. Thanks for the wiki contributions :D.

We've been thinking about this, and our ideas so far is to have a monthly theme, and the most awesome contributor(s) of that month get a forum award. Once that starts picking up steam, some particularly amazing contributions (anything comparable to Eric's shard article in completeness) would possibly get a prize sent their way.

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That is actually a really good idea! Now the link in your signature makes sense, haha. I hope it doesn't look like I was gold digging for prizes here, I really haven't done too much on the wiki yet. PM me if you guys want any articles in particular worked on, I was just planning on printing out the list of stubs and redlinks, and writing down page numbers for citing and information as I go through my chronological cosmere re-read.

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Not at all, tbh your contributions themselves so far have made you worthy of an award (if only because you're one of the only contributors). Your plan sounds like a fantastic one. I find it very hard to write articles (or any significant chunk of anything). I find it much easier to go in and fix little things, or add small amounts of facts, etc. Which doesnt lead itsself to removing stubs, but more to adding MORE stubs XD. Any and all types of contributions are welcome :D

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Alright, sweet! I think I'll probably keep plugging away on the Scadrial article, I need to add some references, since I was just trying to get a lot of info down. Oh, and if it was you that changed that really long list of cities in the Elendel Basin into three columns, thank you! I had thought about it but didn't know how. After I finish up the Geography & Ecosystems I'm going to work on a Culture & Religion section, as well as one for History and Mythology. Then on to the other Shardworlds! I figure I should probably get some sort of standard for section names between all of them, and the Nalthis article is in need of heavy editing. Plenty of fun stuff to do! :D Can I PM you if I have any formatting or coding questions?

Oh and also the titles of the koloss and skaa article aren't capitalized, but the title of the noble article is. I wasn't sure about wiki policy but I think that article titles are supposed to be capitalized, regardless of whether or not the noun itself is in the text.

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