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OK, so I did some Mistborn fanart


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OK, it's more a reference than a fanart, I did it for my (hopefully soon to begin) RPG campaign, because I'm bad at descriptions. It's not good enough for the gallery, I think.

Two pics (I'll probably do more of them). One shows my idea of fashion in the Empire (with Polish captions, sorry... if you want, I can translate) – Obligator robes are my favorite part of it. The other is Kredik Shaw + Lord Ruler + how the sky actually looks like.

BTW I'll probably post some of my campaign ideas someday, because they're really... well, very different from regular Mistborn stuff. Some of my players are very Cosmere-savvy, so I've changed the mythology and almost all other secret background. No Cosmere, no Ruin, no Rashek, different unknown metals.... almost only the things that characters can know are kept.

Link, because they're big and it's an album, which will probably grow: https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/112474257675445741075/albums/5711232459151775313

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