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Stormfather, but I don't know any of you


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Hello. This is a tad bit late, but hey! Who cares.

I'm a Floridian, so you can expect the occasional bout of weirdness from me. I'm a bit of a slavophile even though I'm mostly Anglo-Saxon by heritage. I love RPing, less for becoming someone else and more for the collaborative storytelling aspect.

As for how I got into Sanderson, well, that's a bit of a tale. You see, one day in like 2008 I was just walking along the sf/f section in my local Borders (RIP) for something I could read for a long time and would be worth some AR points for school. So I looked around and saw the Fires of Heaven just kind of chilling there, and went on a mad search for book 1. I eventually found EotW after like five minutes, and looked around for a description of it somewhere. Checked on the inside, on the back, just about everywhere. I still think it's incredibly annoying how WoT has no synopses. Alas, I bought it and spent the next two months reading it.

Fast forward a long, long time, and I'm on The Path of Daggers. I've known ever since just a little after I started that RJ died and BS was the new author. I had actually almost gone to get The Way of Kings signed a year prior when he came to Orlando, but a prior commitment got in the way. So I was at the library one day, wanting to take a break from WoT as I generally do every two books or so, and I decided I'd just go grab a BS book. So I got Way of Kings.

Finished it in a week, which was completely shocking to me. I'd never finished such a long book in such a short time before. So then I went through the entire Mistborn trilogy and Warbreaker over the course of the next two weeks. Now here I am, having just finished Alloy of Law (which, despite being awesome, was a lot shorter than I expected and probably not worth the 22 dollars I paid for it to order online). The only thing I have left to read is Elantris, which, conveniently for me, is also where apparently like half the Cosmere stuff is so I'm stuck until I can find a copy of it, haha.

I rambled a bit too much there, sorry. Regardless, hi!

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