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A continuation of my search.


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I read this book twice when I was young, mid to late 90's). I got it from the Brown County WI library. No matter how hard I try the title and author escape me.

I don't remember a ton, but the book was very interesting.

The main character is some kind of mountain guide. Very early in the story he falls off a cliff and is stabbed by an icicle. This icicle however is special. It is made up of three kinds of water. One from each of the three interconnected lands separated by mountains. From what I remember the main character was from a standard medieval style fantasy world. No magic or anything special though. The second land is basically hell, a ream filled with demons and the like. The last one is a fairyland of some type.

The magic icicle uses up half of itself to revive the main character, and revives the rest of him later.

Anybody ever read this? Know its name? Have it? I've been looking FOREVER!


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