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Does Dominion mean what we think?

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I just finished a reread of Elantris, and something caught my attention. Hrathen mentions how Jaddeth accepts devotion as much as ambition, and I started wondering if Dakhor monks actually access the Dor through Devotion as much as through Dominion. After all, those most devoted to Shu-Dereth gain the most power. Anyway, it got me thinking about the interpretations of Dominion-and how it possibly is relates to the "boundaries" of each version of Selish magic (as in you need to be in or from a "Domain" to get a particular system to work). This could be why Elantrian magic gets weaker the farther away from Arelon you get, the finishing symbol in Forging looks like MaiPon, and could even explain the Dakhor's ancient Fjordell symblos and the moves of ChayShan, all of which are supposed to be part of a single system.

Are there any WoB's that state Dominion's Intent is to "Dominate others" or the like?

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