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White Sand Omnibus Questions


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So, in working on the WS Omnibus updates, I decided to try asking a question for clarification and received the "dreaded form-letter brush-off."

Not sure if anybody would have the opportunity to ask these questions in a different setting, but I thought I would share them here in case the opportunity arises.

My query (via the website "contact us")


I am updating the Coppermind's White Sand Summary for the Omnibus Edition and would like to ask clarification on two points.

1) Since we know that Ais and Mellis each kept their name after the gender swap can you please confirm if the Lady Mason's name is still Selcomb now that her subplot of using representatives was removed.

2) Also, since his name was mentioned in the Prose version, but omitted in the Graphic Novel, can you please confirm if Delius' Son/Steward's name is still Delin?

Thank you very much for your time. Have a great day.

Sugo Hashibshiyo.

The Response:


Thank you for writing to ask your questions! Due to Brandon’s busy schedule and the numerous questions we receive daily, we are unable to provide answers to questions submitted to us about lore or other questions looking for specific information about Brandon's worlds and works. We hope you understand.

I get it, and I knew the chances of getting a yes or no was slim; but I thought I would try that option first in the hope that a simple Omnibus clarification would be seen by somebody in Peter's or Issac's team. I do find it funny that the remainder of the email said I could check the 17th Shard, Coppermind and Arcanum to try finding my answer. . . 

So, if anybody gets a chance to ask, please let me know. Until then, I'll continue to use the Trivia section to mention the names are neither confirmed nor denied. 

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