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short stormlight scenes!

The Stormfather

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So here's gonna' be some short scenes in the stormlight archive, showing random people as the desolation comes and everything goes insane.

Scene #1 : The soldiers of Aladar.

set during the chasmfiend hunts in way of kings.


Nif had watched his father die. He had been four at the time, yet the memory remained each time he closed his eyes. Twelves years later, he was still indentured to service with highprince Aladar, in his army. It had been night, his father out on a hunt alongside the highprince. Supposedly the shardbearers would keep you safe. 

"Storm it!"Nif shouted to the empty barracks. Evening had fallen, and the rest of his group of soldiers had gone out drinking.

He did this many nights, shouting at the empty walls, saddened. Only as he fought and sparred did he feel free.

He was a Tenner within Aladar's warcamp, and his father had been in dept to the highprince, after loaning a chull, only to have it lost in a whitespine attack. 

Now Nif had to scramble his money to solwly get on the dept of fifty emerald broams, something a regular soldier wouldn't make in decades. Only by doing every random thing he could, did he stay on top of his dept.

The last few days had been bad, as bandits had attacked several caravans coming up to the plains. Usually he made a couple chips helping them set up their wares.

The blare of horns blasted out across the plains.

"Storm it. That's us."Nif realized, running out and grabbing his side sword.

"To arms! Evening run! Evening run!"Nif ran into the bar that he knew his soldiers frequented, causing a small commotion as they scrambled to ready spears and bows.

Nif was the leader of a group of fifty soldiers, officially called a lieutenant, although the soldiers just called him commander.

"Where?"Deran, his Darkeyed friend asked.

"Plateau four-two-two."Nif replied, listening to the blare of horns.

"Go!Go!"His company scrambled together, charging out with the bridge runners up ahead.

Four-two-two was a very flat plateau, with wide chasms all around it. The soldiers of the warcamps thought it lucky, since the parshendi often couldn't make the jump and fell into the chasm. His company ran across  the barren plateau, dust spraying up as a thousand other soldiers charged across the plain.

The parshendi, still far away, were slowly leaping onto the plateau. 

"They're not set up yet! archers! Volley!"The highprince shouted, his voice booming from his plate. Arrows whipped past Nif from both sides, and he heard many a thunk as arrows hit the line of shields who ran at the company's head. His archers stopped their run to unleashed a volley, ten of his soldiers behind him now, raining death onto the parshendi forces.

"Hold! Hold! Cavalry first!"Nif shouted. Their company was at the front of the army, and they paused to let the archers hit the parshendi again as cavalry pounded across the bridge.

Parshendi began scrambling away as the army charged across the bridges.

Nif unsheathed his sword, the rest of his company unslinging spears.

 "Forward, east side. We keep them from the archer's flank!"Nif ordered. His shields formed up in a block at the front of their company.

The main armies fought in the center of the plateau, but streams of parshendi running to the sides, were often a problem to the archers.

Parshendi crashed against their lines, his archer blasting into them.

"Break!"He ordered. The shield wall fell apart as spears were raised.

Nif spun among the Parshendi, stabbing through one as he narrowly avoided an axe from another. He spun, flicked the knife from his belt into a parshendi who was fighting Deran.

The two spun alongside each other, practiced ease pushing back a group of Parshendi. The Company was soon joined by a group of archers, who punched into the front-runners of the parshendi force.

"Back! Back!"Nif shouted. more and more parshendi were gathering behind a cluster of rocks, preparing to charge the small company.

"They have the gemheart!"Nif shouted, spotting a shardbearer in red armor holding up a green gemheart.

"That's not the highprince! The enemy has the gemheart."Deran exclaimed.

Nif gasped, ordering his company to hold steady.

"We hold here, not letting them get past."Nif explained.

Arrows hammered in against the shields, some piercing through and some hailing from above.

Nif rushed in again into the throng of parshendi, spinning with his sword and spraying orange blood across the plateau. Arrows were released again.




"Nif! NIf!"Deran shouted. Nif barely saw an arrow in his shoulder. He stumbled back behind his shield wall. Thankfully the arrow was not in the shoulder with his heart. He coughed, blood staining the ground again.

He took a sharp breath, feeling the pain slowly fade.

Deran yanked the arrows from his shoulder, the surgeon of their company staunching the blood.

Nif slowly breathed, shakily.

"I was just trying to protect you..."He rasped.

Three days later.

Nif staggered across the warcamp. He had been healing well, although pain still flashed into his if he twisted.

"Hey! why are all of my spheres dun?"


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