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Contemplating BAM


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This is mostly a jumble of random speculation on the mysterious BAM.


One of the biggest problems with Mishram, regardless of who she was before being Unmade, is that Odium's spren don't have access to Adhesion. How could she Connect with all the Singers without Adhesion?


The obvious solutions seems to be the Dawnshard we believe exists, some form of Unite / Bind / Connect command. She was pure Investiture, would likely have been able to make use of it in some way. Could have gone to Cultivation claiming to want to connect with everyone, ended up meaning only Singers. Wanted to give them their world back, free of Shards and Humans. Pure speculation. Alternatively, she gained a Splinter of Honor when he died, less than Stormfather as its stated he got the biggest piece, but still enough to ascend.


Next, I've seen a few times the question of a person bonding multiple Spren, but the Oathpact, and likely BAM, seem to be a reversal. One being of pure investiture bonding multiple individuals. Normally, an Odium spren fills their gemhearts and gives them forms. This time, she did it directly.The Bond changes and becomes part of their Spirit Web, which in turn changes their Spiritual DNA. In the case of the Singers, a huge portion of that was ripped out and left a void when BAM was imprisoned, leaving them docile. 

For the Heralds, Honor being Splintered and dying a slow death would have been a special kind of torture. The magical-madness inducing kind of Spiritual torture. I feel like this would be similar to a Hemalurgic spike being dragged across your Spirit web for a millenia.


As for who BAM was, or why she had a huge impact, the best theory I've seen is that she was the Elder Sibling. The original bridge between Singers and Spren, much like Urithiru is the bridge between men and Spren. Even that feels lacking in some ways. Why would her disappearance effect humans if she was a Singer bridge. Feels more like she has to be the Mother of Spren or some such to have as wide reaching impact as she did. Rosharan Zeitgeist come to life? The soul of the World Greatshell? 


Finally, why does Thaidakar want her? Because she can repair Spiritual damage? Rebuild broken Connections? Would make sense if she had the Dawnshard. He wants to democratize Invested Arts and she gave Forms to an entire species, that alone could be reason enough.

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