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The Aeon Ati


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So I was reading The Hope of Elantris this morning on Brandon's site and I came accross the fact that there's an Aeon Ati



“Well, there was a time when almost no Elantrian went without a Seon. I’m beginning to think that Lord Spirit may just be able to fix this city—after all, he fixed AonDor. If he does, we shall find you a Seon of your own. Perhaps one named Ati. That is your own Aon, is it not?”

“Yes,” Matisse said. “It means hope.”


So, I did a search for WoB's on Ati, and I couldn't find any relating to this. SO. Coincidene? I storming well think not! This could just be another Shash thing, but, I do find it interesting. Ati was supposed to be a great bloke, I'm guessing there's supposed to be some kind of correlation.



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The character Matisse was named after a student of his wife's. She did an excellent book report on Elantris, a la books like Dragonology, not at the time aware that that her teacher was dating Mr. Sanderson, and ended up giving the two of them the book report as a wedding gift. Mr. Sanderson wrote this story for her, and the only three-letter combination in her name with two vowels was "Ati" so he had to make that the Aon.


Just this once, I think we have to accept that it was coincidence.

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