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[Community Project] Project: Broken Mouse


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Wow, that almost sounds official.

So, I was talking to Elsa, and something occurred to me; as much as I enjoy Frosen for deconstructing norms about true love, good and evil etc... I kind of hope someone, sometime, writes a story where Elsa becomes a villain, because I like broken heroes sometimes.

That got me thinking about the greater Disneyverse. And then I happened to catch a rerun of Enterprise's mirror universe two-parter. So here we are.

The idea of Fishey films existing in a single continuity (the animated ones at least) isn't exactly anything new. But one of the things I enjoy doing to children's films/shows is twisting it, subjecting them to alternative character interpretations and making the villains the hero (and vice-versa). Creating a mirror universe for every Disney film sounds like a fun idea to me... Or it did until I realised how many films that was.

Walt Disney made a lot of movies.

Still, I think the concept sounds fun, so I'm opening it to you guys. Any ideas on how to Mirrorverse Disney films?

And if so, would fiction based on the results be things you might be interested in writing/reading.

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Well, that just gets into deconstructing fairy tales - for possibly the creepiest deconstruction ever, see Neil Gaiman's Snow, Glass, Apples.

Or actually reconstructing them, many fairy tales are rather dark, just like the original Rapunzel or other stories collected/edited by the Brothers Grimm. There's a reason why bowdlerization's a thing. ;P

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