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A Simple Hello from a Shardcore Cosmere Fan

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I spent the past 18 months of my life reading through all of the Cosmere novels/novellas and binging all Cosmere-related media on YouTube.

I comfortably consider myself a shardcore Cosmere enthusiast and I feel prepared to start contributing to the community.

Happy to join you all! 


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3 hours ago, Frissyn said:

Welcome to the Shard! Glad to have you here. Who's your least favorite character?

Roshone is etched towards the top of my "least favorite character list" for the seemingly negative impacts he had on other characters:

  • Killed Moash's grandparents which set Moash on his current trajectory (so I indirectly blame Roshone for all of Moash's actions)
  • Sent Tien to war where Tien died which contributed towards Kaladin becoming depressed


***With all of that said: If Moash and Kaladin end up having an epic face-off in Book 5, then I will also blame Roshone for indirectly setting that up and immediately place him on my "favorite character list".

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