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Question for those who have played the mistborn adventure game.

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The feruchemy rules seem a bit off to me.  I was reading that when tapping 10 or more you can adjust your outcome into your favor by 1 per 10 charges tapped.  

For a zinc compounder the rules are to gain 1 dice for all defense and reaction rolls for the rest of that combat per 10 charges tapped.  

Does the outcome adjustment apply to all defense rolls and reaction rolls from that point on as well?  

Say I have a zinc compounder and I burn 5 charges for a total usage of 50 charges towards my defense and reactions rolls are all of my outcomes in addition to those rolls increased by 5? 

In a conflict if my zinc compounder were to use 50 charges at the start and he commits his 5 action dice to defense he has a 10 dice defense pool and has +5 outcome to all rolls?  

Even a pewter burner with 10 attacking dice can't do much. The most anyone can get is an outcome of 6 right?  The zinc compounder has an outcome of 6 with any roll with pairs no matter what. The zinc user would literally have to get no pairs at all to be hit with a pool of 10 dice right?  Even then a roll with 6+ nudges would negate most everything the attacker is doing right? 

Does this limit the only people able to cause damage to him to other feruchemists tapping 50 charges of a physical metal to offset the outcome bonuses?  

Or perhaps I am misunderstanding the outcomes in combat all together.  If a person hits you with a pair of 5s they don't do extra damage than if they hit you with a pair of 1s right?  So perhaps there is no change with outcomes in conflicts or contests no matter what and outcomes are just for flat checks?


Thanks for any feedback. 

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