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Did Andonalsium Shatter Itself Intentionally?

The Shadow

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I apologize if this has been dicussed, but my search only turned up a brief reference to a similar idea that isn't elaborated on, so here it goes.

I think most of us have been operating on the idea that the Shattering was caused by an outside force. Much has been made of the "opposig force" that stood agaist Andonalsium. And that really is a likely theory.

But what if we've got it wrong.


From the second Interlude, Ym's, from Words of Radiance:



Long ago, there was only One. One knew everything, but had experienced nothing. And so, One became many—us, people. The One, who is both male and female, did so to experience all things.




As each experience is different, it brings completeness. Eventually, all will be gathered back in—when the Seventh Land is attained—and we will once again become One.


It sounds like another one of the Cosmere's religion, it seems a little out of place. Actually, it makes even less sense if you don't assume it's foreshadowing.

I think it's a parable, in-universe or out- I'm not sure, for Adonalsium. For whatever reason, it wanted to separate and did so. It's temporary, although it seems to be a long game, and it will reunite.

Further evidence:

1) We know Andonalsium, as it was, is gone and gone forever. Brandon has said that if Sazed was killed, he would drop the Shard Harmony, not the Shards Ruin and Preservation.

If Andonalsium shattered itself, there would have to be a goal. It would want to come better, not the same.


2) The Shards were shattered with intent. via a New York signing.


Who better to shatter with intent than Andonalsium itself. If it was the "Anti-Andonalsium", it would probably want to destroy Andonalsium so it could never come back in any sense.

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Interesting. Here is another quote that might lend some evidence:



The worlds you now tread bear the touch and design of Adonalsium. Our interference so far has brought nothing but pain. My path has been chosen very deliberately. Yes, I agree with everything you have said about Rayse, including the severe danger he presents. However, it seems to me that all things have been set up for a purpose, and if we—as infants—stumble through the workshop, we risk exacerbating, not preventing, a problem. 


(Second letter, Words of Radiants)

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