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How do cognitive beings kill spiritual connections?

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This doesn't make sense to me.  Things I believe to be true:

  • Humans are primarily physical beings
  • Spren are primarily cognitive
  • Shardblades work by severing spiritual connections
  • Shardblades are spren

So shouldn't shardblades cut in the cognitive rather than spiritual realms?

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EDIT: Ok, I looked at what I wrote, and had a hard time understanding it, so Here's a Simple way of putting it. The Mind connects the Body and Soul. The SprenBlade cuts the connection.


Perhaps they Do. The Way I see it, The Mind is the Bridge between the Body and the Soul. So the Spren (Cognitive) Cut the Mind. They cut Shadesmar if you will. So the Spirit can't reach that Physical Body. When an Arm gets cut off, the Mind can't access it, because Shadesmar is gone for that arm, the Spren killed it. Healing in the Cosmere is mainly a Matter of Self Identity, so Regrowth can fix the Cognitive Bonds, allowing you to regrow your lost Soul.

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No, I don't think. Besides Nin quite explicitly saying that Syl severed all of Szeth's Physical and Spiritual ties, Shardblades damaging the Cognitive would mean that healing wouldn't have its usual template to work off of to heal you back. Besides Brandon's said the reason that Feruchemical gold can heal Shardblade wounds is because it heals the soul—which, most of the time (and particularly in the context of Shardblades) is referring to Spiritual aspects. More so because the question at hand was asking about the definitely-Spirit-webby Hemalurgy as its example.




Well if it reassures you at all, knowing that spren like Syl are Splinters means that they're composed of a blend of Cognitive and Spiritual (with some Physical thrown in for flavor). Just because they live in the Cognitive doesn't mean that they don't have any Spiritual oomph.

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