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Stormlight Archive and ChatGPT


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I read Brandon's new Reddit post here and thought I might try ChatGPT to do stuff for fun. The Reddit post spoiled the title of the book. So, I've put that bit of the ChatGPT interaction where I discussed with the name revealed in the spoiler tag. Have fun reading guys!



Me: Write a book summary for Stormlight archive book 5

ChatGPT: I'm sorry, but as an AI language model, I don't have access to future events or books that haven't been published yet. The fifth book in the Stormlight Archive series by Brandon Sanderson has not been released yet, and there is no official information about its plot or contents. It is expected to be titled "The Lost Metal" and to continue the epic fantasy story of the previous four books, following the struggles of various characters in the world of Roshar as they face supernatural forces, political intrigue, and personal challenges. However, I'm unable to provide a summary of a book that does not exist yet.

Can you make a fan fiction story of what might happen in it?

ChatGPT: As an AI language model, I can generate a fan fiction story based on the existing characters and setting of the Stormlight Archive series, but please keep in mind that this is purely speculative and not based on any official information about the upcoming book. Here's a possible fan fiction story for Stormlight Archive Book 5:

The Lost Metal

Kaladin Stormblessed, captain of the Windrunners, had never felt so lost. Despite all his successes in battle, he could not shake the feeling that he was failing those closest to him. His love for Shallan Davar had only grown stronger, but he knew he could never act on it, for fear of damaging their friendship and the delicate balance of their team. Meanwhile, his bond with his spren, Syl, was fraying, and he feared he was losing his ability to use Stormlight and fly.

At the same time, Shallan was struggling with her own secrets and inner demons. She had successfully infiltrated the Ghostbloods, the secret society that her father had once been a part of, but she was finding it harder and harder to keep up the charade. She was also grappling with the knowledge that she had multiple personalities, each with their own memories and desires. And worst of all, she was haunted by the memory of killing her own father.

Meanwhile, Dalinar Kholin, the leader of the Knights Radiant, had discovered a new threat to the world of Roshar. A group of rogue Radiants had uncovered an ancient metal that could disrupt the powers of the other Orders, and they were using it to wreak havoc across the land. With the help of his nephew, Adolin, and his loyal bodyguard, Rock, Dalinar set out to stop them.

As the three heroes pursued their separate paths, they began to realize that their fates were intertwined. Kaladin's struggles with his spren were connected to the rogue Radiants' use of the metal. Shallan's infiltration of the Ghostbloods had unwittingly led her to a cache of the metal. And Dalinar's investigations had uncovered a conspiracy that went all the way to the highest levels of the Rosharan government.

In the climactic battle, the Windrunners, Ghostbloods, and Knights Radiant all clashed over the Lost Metal. Kaladin, finally reconciled with Syl, soared through the air and led the charge against the rogue Radiants. Shallan, using her multiple personalities to confuse and distract her enemies, managed to steal the metal and escape. And Dalinar, wielding the power of the Stormfather himself, fought the leader of the rogue Radiants in a duel that shook the very foundations of the world.

In the end, the Lost Metal was destroyed, and the rogue Radiants were defeated. Kaladin, Shallan, and Dalinar all emerged stronger from their trials, having learned to trust in themselves and each other. But as they looked out over the battered landscape of Roshar, they knew that their work was far from over. The world was still in danger, and new challenges lay ahead. And so they vowed to continue fighting, to protect their loved ones and their home, until the end of their days.

Here's the bit with the title spoiled

Me: The fifth book will be called


“ The knights of Winds, Truth”

. Rewrite the fan fiction based on this.


The Knights of Winds, Truth

Kaladin Stormblessed, captain of the Windrunners, stood on the battlements of Urithiru, gazing out at the stormy horizon. He had come a long way since his days as a slave, but he knew that his journey was far from over. The new title of "Knight of Winds, Truth" bestowed upon him by the other Radiants brought new responsibilities and challenges.

Meanwhile, Shallan Davar, now a master of the Lightweavers, was grappling with her own identity. She had come to terms with her multiple personalities and learned to use them to her advantage, but she still struggled to reconcile her various roles as a wife, a daughter, a spy, and a hero. Her relationship with Kaladin had grown more complicated, with both of them hesitant to express their true feelings for each other.

As for Dalinar Kholin, leader of the Knights Radiant, he was facing a new crisis. A mysterious cult, calling themselves the


"Knights of Truth,"

had emerged in the city of Kholinar, claiming to be the true heirs of the Radiants. They preached a message of harsh discipline and self-denial, and were gaining more and more followers by the day.

With the help of his nephew, Adolin, and his loyal bodyguard, Rock, Dalinar set out to investigate the cult and its leader, a charismatic figure known only as the "Windspeaker." What he discovered was a shocking truth: the Windspeaker was none other than Kaladin's long-lost brother, Tien, whom Kaladin had believed to be dead.

Tien had been taken in by the cult as a child and had risen through the ranks to become its leader. He believed that the true path of the Radiants was one of sacrifice and hardship, and that the other Orders had strayed from their true purpose. He had amassed a powerful army of fanatics, and was planning to launch a violent revolution to overthrow the Knights Radiant and impose his own vision of the world.

As the three heroes pursued their separate paths, they began to realize that their fates were intertwined. Kaladin's brother was the key to the cult's plans, and the only one who could stop him was Kaladin himself. Shallan's mastery of illusion and deception could help them infiltrate the cult's inner circle, while Dalinar's political savvy and military might could help them defeat the cult's forces.

In the climactic battle, the Windrunners, Lightweavers, and Knights Radiant all joined forces against the


Knights of Truth

. Kaladin and Tien faced each other in a final showdown, brother against brother. In the end, Kaladin emerged victorious, having convinced his brother to see reason and abandon his radical ideology.

The cult was disbanded, and its members either joined the Knights Radiant or went their separate ways. Kaladin and Shallan finally confessed their feelings for each other and started a new life together, while Dalinar continued to lead the Radiants and guide the world of Roshar towards a brighter future.


The Knights of Winds, Truth

had prevailed, but they knew that their work was never truly done. The winds of change were always blowing, and the truth was always waiting to be discovered.

Me: In the book, the main plots were, Kaladin and Szeth go to Shinovar, Dalinar has the fight of champions with Odium, Navani using the Urithiru secrets, Adolin helping Maya, Shallan fighting with Ghostbloods and Odium using tricks to beat them all.




As an AI language model, I do not have access to the actual plot of the fifth book of the Stormlight Archive. However, I can create a fan fiction story based on the main plots you provided. Here it is:


The Knights of Winds, Truth

Kaladin Stormblessed and Szeth-son-son-Vallano traveled to Shinovar, seeking answers about the mysterious land and its people. They encountered many challenges along the way, including dangerous beasts and harsh weather conditions. However, their perseverance and combat skills allowed them to overcome these obstacles.

In Shinovar, they discovered a hidden society of people who possessed unique powers that could be used to fight against Odium and his forces. Kaladin and Szeth were welcomed into the society and trained in these powers, which included the ability to manipulate wind and create illusions.

Meanwhile, Dalinar Kholin prepared for the fight of champions with Odium, determined to end the long-standing conflict once and for all. The two clashed in a fierce battle, with Dalinar using his knowledge of the Voidbringers and the Radiants to gain the upper hand. However, Odium proved to be a formidable opponent, and the fight ended in a stalemate.

Navani Kholin delved deeper into the secrets of Urithiru, uncovering ancient knowledge and hidden technologies that could turn the tide of the war. She worked tirelessly to understand and utilize these tools, with the help of a small team of trusted allies.

Adolin Kholin continued his quest to help Maya, the spren trapped in his family's Shardblade. He studied ancient texts and consulted with knowledgeable experts, hoping to find a way to free her from her imprisonment.

Shallan Davar found herself in the midst of a dangerous conflict with the Ghostbloods, a secretive organization with mysterious motives. She used her skills as a Lightweaver to infiltrate their ranks and gather information, but soon found herself in over her head.

As Odium's forces grew stronger, the Knights Radiant faced new challenges and obstacles at every turn. Odium used cunning tactics and unexpected tricks to gain the upper hand, leaving the Knights struggling to keep up.

In the end, it was a combination of teamwork, strategy, and sheer determination that allowed the


Knights of Winds, Truth

to emerge victorious. Kaladin and Szeth's training in Shinovar proved invaluable in the final battle, while Dalinar's knowledge of the Voidbringers and Navani's understanding of Urithiru's secrets gave the Knights an edge. Adolin's efforts to help Maya paid off, and Shallan's cunning allowed her to outmaneuver the Ghostbloods.

With Odium defeated and the war finally over, the Knights Radiant emerged as heroes and saviors of Roshar. They knew that their work was far from done, but they also knew that they had the strength, courage, and determination to face whatever challenges lay ahead.


The Knights of Winds, Truth

had proven their worth, and they were ready for whatever came next.

So, here you go. AI hasn't quite gotten to the level of poetry, but it's getting better at writing stock sentences!

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