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I had a thought, I am not sure if this has already been brought up, but I looked around and I didn't see it anywhere. Could we have a place for posting reviews of Brandon's books? Maybe a pinned thread for each book at the top of the appropriate forums - though that could be a problem in forums worlds with more books like Mistborn, it would add some four more pinned threads to the top - or a separate Reviews forum with a topic for each book.

I saw a twitter post by Brandon mentioning that he was worried about fans reaction to alloy (though he probably isn't worried anymore, Congrats Brandon!) and I thought if we had a spot where we could go and give our reactions it might get back to him, and then he could stop worrying about his more dedicated fans all the faster. It would also give a place that fans could find reviews by fellow fans to see if this or that book would be to their taste. On the other hand I suppose it could be a bit dangerous asking for reviews, it might invite trolls and be more trouble than it is worth, but it's just a thought.

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are you talking about a place to post your own review (like write your own) somewhere here? because if so, you could just write up a blog post using the blogs feature of the forums, and then maybe link it in your signature or something.

Or are you talking about a collection of reviews you can find online? Because if thats the case, that might sound like a pretty good suggestion for a wiki article rather than a stickied forum topic. Like as a "related links" section for the book or something.

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