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Races and Creatures


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So i've decided to start filling in wiki info out of boredom. I'm starting with Races/Creatures. I'll be posting here what pages I add/edit. Feel free to look 'em over and correct anything i get wrong (most of this is from memory)

Pages I've Done:



Steel Inquisitors - This one still needs work. I did about the best I could from memory at the moment.



Humans - Added humans as a blanket term for the various different races. I put creatures derived from humans (koloss, steel inquisitors, etc.) into the category as well, if we think this shouldn't be, it can obviously be changed.

Hemalurgic Creatures - A category created specifically for all creatures made through hemalurgy.

Skaa - This one seems a bit bare bones at the moment. I couldn't think of too much more notable info.

Nobles - This, too, seems like it could do with more info.

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Sorry for the double post, but I didn't want this as part of my first post, so I added a new one.

That's what I'm going to put up for today. I'll maybe get around to some more later tonight and/or tomorrow. Like i said previously, most of this stuff is off the top of my head, so it probably requires a good bit of proof-reading and fact-checking by those with a better memory than I.

If you see anything i did wrong and/or messed up, let me know. If you see something you aren't sure about, say something and we can discuss it. If you think my formatting is terrible, let me know and i'll see what i can do to rework it. If you think some of my info is unimportant and should be removed, say something and we can discuss the benefits of having or removing it.

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Or, ya know, since it's a wiki we could just change it.

well, yes, of course, however, what one thinks is right is not always right. If something you think is in opposition to what i think, one has to be wrong, and the other has to be right. If we just go changing things back and forth, the wiki would always be in states of turmoil, and possibly misinformation. The wiki is to represent all gathered common knowledge among us, if there's dissension within that information, it should probably be sorted out.

And since i dont think the wiki-talk pages are terribly being utilized at the moment, i figured the forum dedicated to the wiki would be a good place to talk about it. That's why i'm cataloging my changes here for all to see, and that way maybe we can garner interest and involvement as a side goal. If people are here talking about it, they're more likely to help out than if we say "hey, there's a wiki, help out if you can" :P

Least that's how i see it

[/longer winded than i had planned]

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