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The Power of Words


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Of all the beautiful things you can do with language, exploring and exploiting its depth is pretty much my favorite! That's why I really appreciate it when authors hide meaning and nuance not only in their words, but also in their wording. Be it subtle, blatant, sophisticate, simple, sly, audacious, subtle, daring -- if its playful and clever I'm all for it! 

Therefore I'd like to ask you guys for your favourite instances of such uses of language - from books, series, movies, comics, lyrics, stuff you came up with yourselves - I'm eager to learn about them! 

Just to give you an idea of what I mean, here is an example: I recently pondered Star Wars lore when I realised (and yes this took me 20+ years) that Darth Vader is literally called Darth Father since Vader is the Dutch (?) word for father. Being German (our word for father is Vater) I should have noticed this a long time ago but in this I find the beauty of Vaders naming: spell it out in plain sight for everyone to see and still manage to shock them all with the big reveal. 

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Also, the German word for "poet" is "Dichter" which literally means something similar to "compressor" (strictly speaking this is "VERdichter" but you know...) and isn't this beautiful imagery? After all, what does a poet do if not compress language :) 

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