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Tress, Tress, Tress: Screenplay Would Be Best

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If I were a movie producer wanting to dip my toe in some surefire Sanderson that would 1) have broad appeal, 2) cover a short lifespan, 3) and whet the world's appetite for all things cosmere, this story is the perfect place to start! As a movie or a 4-6 hour mini-series, the budget would need to be large, yes, but with a Princess-Bride-like appeal to all ages and the Sanderson name, very little would be as guaranteed as this deal. When done well, can you just imagine how perfectly this series could promote future cosmere stories? I picture Hoid narrating the tale on a different planet to perhaps a well-known character or species, and his facial expressions as he relays the bits about his cabinboy days - oh, please make this happen!

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Our eldest daughter has finally been convinced to read a Sanderson! She's been intimidated by the length, so I tried to get her to start with Skyward without luck. But my having a hard copy of Tress that was completely gorgeous and hearing me rave about the book, our artsy daughter decided to dig in.

I had told her that my favorite character (Wit, of course) had a major role but not that he was the narrator. And the first comment she had was how much she adored the narrator! She was confused when I said that he was my favorite, though. She was like, his name is Hoid.

And now she's all, are they joking about the talking rats? And, I hope this little rat sticks around. Love, love, love being able to share Sanderson and Wit with her!

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