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Does BioChromatic Breath exist on other worlds?


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Is Nalthis the only place where people are born with a Breath? Is it possible that people on other worlds are born with Breath but nobody on that world knows about it and how to use it? I was curious about this before but now that Nightblood is on Roshar it seems to be a much more important question. If there is no Breath on Roshar how will anyone be able to wield it? I doubt Szeth is just going to carry it around and not wield it. Do you think that maybe Nightblood can feed off of Stormlight like it does Breath?

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Breath is specifically Endowment's Investiture, but everyone born on a world with a Shard has some sort of "Breath", though it's not necessarily from Endowment. It's called Innate Investiture, I believe. Here's a few WoBs about Nightblood:


Q:  Does Nightblood rip souls out of bodies, by chance?
A:  Nightblood consumes Investiture, including the spark of life.


Q:  If someone--Vasher says that Nightblood would kill him, is that just because he has this big deific Breath? Would it kill an ordinary person, like a drab?
A:  It would suck the Breath from anybody, and if they were unable to feed it he would feed on their soul.
Q:  So they would die.
A:  Yes. Anybody wielding Nightblood, he will suck their soul. For too long, he will eventually, if you draw him, he will suck your soul.
Q:  I know that there's three sorts of forms that magic presents itself in, the liquid and the solid and air. What would Breath be?
A:  Breath is definitely like Mist, it is in the form of the air.
Q:  And is Stormlight the same?
A:  Stormlight is the same. Good questions!
Q:  Would Vasher be able to use Stormlight in the same way that he can get Breath?
A:  That would not be immediately easy, but Stormlight could feed Nightblood.
Q:  Which is why Szeth can wield Nightblood?
A:  Eh, you'll have to see if … but yes. That could theoretically happen. You can use most of the magics on most of the planets to fuel the other magics, if you know how to do it, it is not easy.


Q:  Is Nightblood going to be able to eat Stormlight?
A:  Nightblood will drain any Investiture, so yes.



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So Investiture is what drives the magic systems then? Like Lerasium is Preservation's Investiture and Stormlight is Honor's? Then by that logic could Nightblood feed off the metals in a mistborn's stomach?


You're pretty much right, yeah. Shards are made of Investiture (or else just hold vast quantities?), and when you have Investiture, you get whacky fun times. We don't actually have an exact definition of Investiture, but if you see the word "Investiture" anywhere you can usually replace it with "magical power" and the meaning of what you're reading won't change.



  • We don't know if Stormlight is Honor's Investiture. It's of Shard(s), which means it's probably Honor, but it could also be a mix of Honor+Cultivation, or even Honor+Cultivation+Odium. The AonDor of Elantris is a mix of Devotion and Dominion.
  • Metals in Mistborn aren't made of Investiture, except for atium and lerasium. The Mists are pure Investiture (and the equivalent of Breath and Stormlight). When you burn a metal, you 'draw' some Investiture from Preservation and hold it inside you while the metal burns. The metals don't provide the power. Nightblood might be able to feed off of the Investiture you get while burning metals, but Scadrial is a very low-Investiture world, so you might not be able to provide enough Investiture to prevent Nightblood from consuming your soul. While using the Mists, you could probably use Nightblood safely.
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Thanks for the WoB, I was going all "well now I get to spend the next 10 minutes hunting down and copy-pasting in the WoB..." and then I saw your post. :D

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