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Worldhopping while Invested



In Rhythm of War, Mraize says that Radiants are so Invested that they can’t leave the Rosharan system, and that this is related to the issue of getting Stormlight off-world. We see heavily Invested worldhoppers, such as Vasher and Vivenna, however, so is this not a problem for all types of Investiture? Even if this is a specifically Rosharan issue, Hoid appears on Scadrial in Mistborn Era 2, by which point he has already become a Radiant, so how was he able to get off Roshar?

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Vasher and Vivenna are using Breaths, which is a less sticky kind of Investiture to carry around. Breaths are connected to your soul/ spiritweb, which is connected to the Spiritual Realm, which exists everywhere. Most other forms of Investiture are similar.

However, in the case of Stormlight, Voidlight and (possibly) Lifelight, there's a problem of Connection binding that type of Investiture and the spren to the Rosharan system. It's likely got something to do with Honor and the nature of the Oath he used to bind Odium. 

We still don't know how Hoid was able to leave Roshar in Era 2 with his spren bond intact - it's probably going to have something to do with what goes down in book 5. However, as per this Word of Brandon, he's the only one we've seen do it so far. Plus, he's a bit of an anomaly anyway - not your average Radiant.

Slight Spoilers for The Lost Metal below:



Are the Coinshots that helped Steris with getting people out of the flood zone, and who seemed rather concerned with whether she was following the law, actually Skybreakers?

Brandon Sanderson

Ah, hehehehehe. So, we'll just leave that one. So, how about this. At this point in continuity, a Skybreaker could not easily get off of Roshar. In fact, by this point in continuity, I believe (you can't hold me to this one too much) the only Radiant who's managed to get off of Roshar and maintain powers is Hoid. I believe that's the case. Hoid is weird. He also has lots of knowledge. He used a specific method to get... yeah, anyway.

Don't hold me to that, but I think by this point he is the first to get out of system. Off-world doesn't really count because you can go to Braize or Ashyn. 

YouTube Spoiler Stream 5 (Dec. 2, 2022)

Hope that helps!

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