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Good day everyone! Long time lurker, first time poster! If you're on reddit you may have seen me poke around the Cosmere subreddits I also started a lesser-known subreddit r/Rustposting for Mistborn memes.

I wanted to invite you to check out the Ontos Podcast!

We're a Cosmere-focused podcast dedicated to onboarding readers into the Cosmere. I'm Maq, and my co-host Vaud are huge Cosmere fans. We're two nerds who could not stop talking about the Cosmere, and Vaud was my shepherd through the Cosmere. We wanted to start a project that could help new readers pick out the details of the Cosmere without spoiling the big reveals.

Our goal is the re-read the Cosmere in its entirety before Stormlight 5, and we're already through Final Empire and starting Well of Ascension this week! We're loving our second go-around on Mistborn so far and noticing details we definitely missed on the first read. We have a reading list we're following to try to maximize the big reveals in the Cosmere, though we might need another debate after lost metal. Most of our episodes are dedicated to non-spoiler chapter discussions of the books, but we are also making spoiler episodes discussing the cosmere-wide implications of each week's chapters.

We're also putting together a summary of the books so hopefully you can make a playlist of the summary to fully recap a book in a fraction of the time.

Anyway, we're a small project and we're having a blast doing it so far. You can find us on ITunes, Spotify, Amazon, Stitcher, or most wherever you can find podcasts.

Look forward to being a part of the bigger Cosmere Community!

Our Sentience Depends on You!

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