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Hello from Idaho


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Hey guys!

I'm a big Brandon fan living in Idaho Falls. I 'discovered' him when I heard that he was going to finish out The Wheel of Time series, which is sad since Brandon is awesome in his own right. A buddy of mine told me about him around April '09 and so I started to browse though his site and keep tabs on what was up. It turned out that he was going to be in Idaho Falls shortly after Warbreaker was released, so I headed to the B&N that he was signing at and got myself a signed copy of Warbreaker. The B&N has a small stock of Elantris in hardback too so I grabbed a copy of that too. This was my first time at a Brandon signing and it was a lot of fun. He asked if I wanted the books personalized and I said 'No, they'll be worth more un-personalized when you're dead'. He just laughed and asked if I would mind him doodling an Aon Rao in the Elantris book. Of course I didn't.

I've read all his adult novels, along with all the short stories that he has released. Anytime that he is in Idaho Falls (which seems like once a year) I always go down to the signing even if I have nothing to get signed. I've attended both Wheel of Time midnight releases, as well as the Alloy of Law midnight release. I was wearing a sweatshirt that said 'I Killed Asmodean' for TGS release that Brandon was so nice to sign for me. I got but two of his adult novels in hardback 1st editions signed. I'm missing 'The Final Empire' and 'The Hero of Ages'. I do have them in paperback signed though... but I will eventually hunt them down in HB 1st edition.

At the AoL release, I got there around 5pm to discover that BYU bookstore was sold out, but luckily I managed to get on the waiting list and, after many worrying hours, finally got myself a copy - #416.

That's my story and I'm sticking too it!

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Hey there, and welcome! It's always cool to see more people joining, but I'm particularly excited to see new members who were at the signing. Is that how you found out about us? ^^ I was there too; you might have seen me running around in a Mistcoat spamming pictures of everybody.

Also, have a cookie!


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