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My Alloy of Law/Shadows of Self Leatherbound Bundle Pre-order just started getting shipped!

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So, I just opened my email a little while ago and was pleasantly surprised to discover that my Alloy of Law/Shadows of Self Leatherbound Bundle pre-order already started getting shipped. I am excited but also surprised. When I made the preorder just a few days before New Year, it said that it would be released on early 2023 but I wasn't actually expecting it to be THAT early. I mean it's the 4th of January as of the writing this post.


But regardless, I can't wait until it gets to me! Been intruducing the Cosmere to one of my friends and and he has been loving my Mistborn leatherbounds so far so this will expand the collection. Also, what about the rest of you that preordered it? Did your order also started getting shipped on your end today? Sorry if it sounds a bit personal but I am honestly surprised at how quickly after New Year this leatherbound bundle got shipped. Although, I did heard the Dragonsteel team has doubled in size or so, so that might explain it.


Anyway, happy new years everyobody. 

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