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Secret Project 1 Spoiler Changes


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Secret Project 1 will begin going out to backers very soon, so we need some forum changes! I am hiding the title of the book, but when we make these forums, we will use the title of the book here.

  • There will be a Secret Project 1 Only forum, which will not allow discussion of cosmere crossovers. 
  • To discuss cosmere crossovers, head on over to New Releases Cosmere Discussion, which will allow for both The Lost Metal and Secret Project 1.
  • The previous Cosmere Secret Projects forum will be renamed to "Cosmere Secret Projects Previews" to make clear that only material from the previews (and cosmere references outside the spoiler period) is allowed there.
  • All secret projects will receive a six month spoiler period, starting with when it comes out to backers. This should allow everyone, including people buying the non-Dragonsteel editions, enough time to read the books. As a side effect, we'll also end TLM's spoiler period a little earlier, on April 1st, when Secret Project 2 comes out, just to try and rein in the amount of forums. 
  • Lastly, we have clarified our Spoiler Policies to note that you may reference books in the spoiler period outside of their respective boards if you spoiler tag it appropriately. This has already been how we have enforced things for a while, but just clarifying the official guidelines.
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