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Seth’s Spren: Silent Witness

Child of Hodor

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As we know Szeth and the rest of our heroes have no clue that Taravangian lives and is more powerful than ever. Nightblood is not very reliable. He forgot trying to eat Szeth and Lift in OB 5 seconds after it happened. If they are going to figure it out how will they do it?

Szeth does have a Spren, who (conveniently) never talks to him, but surely must have been somewhere close by when all this went down. Even if the Spren was not right next to Szeth at first some part of the sequence of events would have interested it.

1) Szeth is in a(nother) crazy rage.

2) Taravangian broke the gemstones releasing corrupted Spren. 

3) Rayse appears to Taravangian yelling at him as they transition to the golden room. 

I assume Szeth and his Spren will be on speaking terms in SA5.

It’s possible the Spren felt Odium paying close attention. In WoR right before Seth's first attempt on Dalinar, Syl freaks out saying “The One Who Hates” is watching. In RoW Sja Anat senses Odium coming before he shows up in her interlude.

Maybe this what will help Szeth et al piece together what really happened.
Again, Nightblood not a great witness: 


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